Experience the Art of Caring


CMC was founded and established by Mr. Joseph Liu Bing Qiang in 1997, it is Singapore’s first integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healthcare centre to provide quality medical and healthcare services for the public.

After 16 years of hard work, today CMC has 10 branches in Singapore with a team of experienced TCM Practitioners, Masseurs and Veterans are on standby to provide professional quality services of Chinese Medicine, Healthcare Massage and Acupuncture.

To enhance total health and well-being of our patient/customer as well as achieving the “World-class Standard” on TCM services, CMC has recently self-developed a “Comprehensive Management Networking System” to cater for internet booking,payment, and keep track on our patient’s service information.

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Acupuncture Beauty

Improves blood circulation, flow of Qi, improving complexion.

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Acupuncture Slimming

Stimulating specific acupoints to modulate the meridian system.

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Scrapping (Gua Sha) for Facial & Body

Improves facial complexion, and blood circulation for the body.

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Tuina (Chinese Massage)

Stimulate the flow of qi and blood to promote healing.


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Slimming Massage

Unblocks flow of Qi, improves circulation, regulate visceral function and boost the immune system.

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Helps improve multiple health functions. All of CMC’s physicians are well trained & qualified.

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Applied on meridian points, to improve flow of Qi & blood circulation.

Hair Care & Style

Herbal Steam

Herbal steam treatment improves health in multiple ways.

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CMC also has it’s in-house range of specially formulated herbs, to help treat health issues.