Acupuncture Beauty

In TCM theory, each part of the face is connected with an internal organ system. Each plane of the face corresponds to an organ system, and physical structures of features of the face – such as hair, color, ligaments and connective tissue, bones – also connect with an organ system.

For instance, color on the face is connected with blood circulation, which is a function of the heart system. The skin’s texture is connected with the lungs-large intestines energetic system. The concept of an organ-based energy system is unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and refers to more than the organs the systems are named after.

Because of that face-body connection, the points on the face where we apply needles directly influence the corresponding energetic systems. We stimulate them to create balance in the whole body. And because of this connection, there are points on the body that correspond with points on the face. So it goes both ways — we use points on the body to stimulate the face and points on the face to stimulate the body’s energy systems.

Because acupuncture does not act on a superficial level like Botox, fillers, or plastic surgery do, it really improves the health and wellness of your face and body. It energizes you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It brings true health and true beauty to a person.

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