Ovarian Care Massage 卵巢护理 (90mins)

  • By cmcadmin
Nov 2018

Ovarian Care Massage 卵巢护理 (90mins)

$128.00 $118.00

Ovarian Care Massage 卵巢护理 (90mins)

Usual Retail Price: $128

Discounted Online Price: $118 (Save $10)

– Increases chances of becoming pregnant
– Promotes hormonal balance
– Massage helps to repair scar tissue
– Helps to bring fresh blood to uterus
– Aids in removing old stagnant blood
– Encourages liver to remove excess hormones
– Strengthens reproductive organs
– Rebalances a tilted uterus
– Regulates menstrual cycle
– Improves overall health of uterus



Terms & Conditions:

  • Applicable for new customers only. New customers refer to customers who have not visited ANY of our branches.