Acupuncture Body Slimming + Consultation (针灸减肥 + 看诊) (Approx 30mins)

  • By cmcadmin
Nov 2018

Acupuncture Body Slimming + Consultation (针灸减肥 + 看诊) (Approx 30mins)

$80.00 $75.00

Acupuncture slimming 针灸减肥

Usual Retail Price: $80

Discounted Online Price: $75 (Save $5)

– Helps to lose belly fat as well & overall body fat
– Reduces anxiety which causes over eating & binge eating
– Suppressing appetite with release of beta-endorphins and serotonin
– Increases metabolism
– Releases serotonin, (attributed as an anti-depressant) which results in a more positive attitude, also helping to curb emotional eating
– Releases dopamine to help reduce alcohol intake & calorie intake



Terms & Conditions:

  • Applicable for new customers only. New customers refer to customers who have not visited ANY of our branches.