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Otherwise, if purchased in person at our branch, price will be usual retail price.

Discount Voucher:

Voucher is available for the following services when visiting our branch:
在任何分店, 优惠券可用于以下服务

Tui Na Body Massage 推拿 (60MINS)
Tui Na Massage With OiL 精油推拿 (60MINS)
Tui Na Slimming Massage 推拿溶脂减肥 (60MINS)
Acupuncture Slimming 针灸减肥
Gua Sha (Scrapping) for Facial Beauty
刮痧美容 (60MINS)
Ovarian Care Massage 卵巢护理 (90MINS)

Terms & conditions:

  • Applicable for new customers only. New customers refer to customers who have not visited ANY of our branches.
  • 1 voucher can only be used per visit
  • Voucher can only be used for services or product, bought at usual retail price.